National Exhibition- April 2010, Abuja - Nigeria.





NCAC Partners International Child Art Foundation(ICAF)

The National Council for Arts & Culture (NCAC) in collaboration with the International Child Arts Foundation (ICAF) presents the first Nigeria Arts Olympiad for students between the ages 7-12, with the theme my "Favorite Sport" as part of the Global 4th Arts Olympiad (2009-2012). The world's largest and most prestigous Children Festival.


  • The Arts olympiad will result in original multi-media content creation by children, promote their understanding of creativity and empathy as key attributes of succesful learners and leaders

  • It will lead to co-creation of iconic content by children at the World Children's Festival, and gives "voice" to the children through public exhibitions of their creative expressions


  • Place the nuturing of creativity on center stage for educators and policy makers

  • Break stereotypes by promoting the "artist-athlete" ideal of a creative mind and healthy body

  • Reduce childhood obesity risks by inspiring non-athletically inclined children to visualize their favorite sport and engage in physical activity


  • The competition is open to all government/private secondary/primary schools in Nigeria ages 7-12 years

  • Each state will submit two paintings or drawings and two Digital Artworks, which will be stored in a CD rom

  • The schools will submit one painting or drawing and one digital work to the state art councils or directly to the NCAC head office in Abuja

  • There will be zonal exhibition/elimination, where only two paintings/drawing and two digital work from states will qualify for the National exhibition in April 2010 in Abuja

  • The States will sponsor the finalist to Abuja for the National Exhibition/elimination

  • Schools can submit directly to the National Council in Abuja

Submissions must be in one of these two forms:

Traditional 2-Dimensional Art

A painting or drawing on paper, canvas, silk or any other two-dimensional medium,

18" X 24" (45 X 60 cm) in size;

Digital Art

Static visual work created using digital tools to imagine a sport, capture the image of a favorite sport, or a collage combining the two.

The artworks should not be rolled up; it should be submitted flat in an art portfolio

Entry must get to NCAC head office on or before March 30th, 2010.

For more inquiries; Sam 08033203717, Ngozi 08037170531