National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) Abuja


To achieve the desired result, the structure of the Council comprises the Directorate, four (4) professional Departments, two (2) Statutory Departments and ten (10) Zonal Offices comprising four (4) Zonal Directorates and six (6) Zones.

The NCAC Governing Board
The Board is responsible for setting out policies for the Council taking into cognizance the overall government policy directives. While the Board supervises the policy direction, the Management is responsible for the day to day operation of the Council..

The Top Management Team
The Management of the Council is made up of the Executive Director/ CEO and Seven (7) Directors viz:
i. Corporate and Strategic Planning

ii. Arts and Crafts

iii. Finance and Accounts

iv. Performing Arts

v. Research and Documentation

vi. Extension Services

vii. Human Resources Management

i. Legal
ii. Internal Audit
iii. Servicom
iv. Procurement
v. Anti-Corruption and Transparency
vi. ICT

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