National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) Abuja

Zonal Offices

The Council has established ten (10) Zonal Offices across the country, each intended to specialize and focus on some unique aspects of the Arts and Culture of the zone in which they are situated.

They are located as follows:

Bauchi Zonal Directorate
Floor 2, Room 82-84,
Federal Secretariat,
P.O. Box 3035, Bauchi

Enugu Zonal Directorate
1/12 Colliery Avenue, Off Okpara Avenue, P. O. Box 4178, Enugu.

Kaduna Zonal Directorate
Murtala Mohammed Square,
P. O. Box 10693, Kaduna

Lagos Zonal Directorate
National Theatre Complex,
P. O. Box 2959,
Surulere, Lagos.

Benin Zonal Office
3rd Floor Federal Secretariat Complex, Aduwawa
P.O. Box 12708, Benin City.

Kano Zonal Office
F.M.W. & H. Maintenance Yard,
Opp. Pilgrims Camp,
P. M. B. 3431, Kano, Kano State

Maiduguri Zonal Office
Federal Secretariat Complex,
P. M. B. 1138, Maiduguri,
Borno State.

Osogbo Zonal Office
Near FRSC Gbonga/Ife Road,
P. M. B. 4447, Osogbo,
Osun State

Sokoto Zonal Office
Room 360-362, Federal Secretariat, P. O. Box 4232, Sokoto,
Sokoto State

Uyo Zonal Office
24 Atakpo Street,
P. M. B. 210, Uyo.

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